Sep. 4th, 2017

elayna: (Sheppard from Vegas)
I may be a little liquid.

The niece and nephew spent the afternoon, playing with my Legos and on my devices. (I was not liquid then.)

At one point, my 8-year-old niece said, "Aquaman's tasty."

And I thought, I agree, but she seems a little young yet to bond over Jason Momoa's hotness. So I just questioned, "Aquaman's tasty?"

"I"m a shark," she said. Oh yes. She'd downloaded a game onto my Ipad where she's a shark eating various ocean creatures and people. She showed it to me once. It's kinda gruesome. My mom signed a permission slip when we were in grade school, that if we wanted to check out library books from the adult section, we could, 'cuz she figured that if we were old enough to want to read something, we were old enough to deal. So I reminded myself of this when she showed me how much she loved being a shark chomping people in two. Can I be less progressive than my mother in the 1970s? So now I know, Aquaman is in the game, and he's tasty.

We had family dinner at Dad's for Labor Day, with the BIL's parents and my brother's girlfriend also attending. Smokey and the Bandit came up, though now I don't recall how. Brother remembered it as Carroll O'Connor, to which I said a flat, "No," though Dad was the one to say, "Jackie Gleason." I said, "And Paul Williams," which was WRONG, he was in Smokey II and III, but not the original. But I did accurately remember Sally Field and Jerry Reed as the Snowman, which just made everyone look perplexed.

And I was the only one who remembered when Grandma "accidentally" bought the Cosmopolitan with the naked Burt Reynolds. For all that I feel like I was too young to regard Burt Reynolds as a sex symbol, only saw him as a comic actor, he seems to have much more of an impact on me than my older siblings. It's funny, what different memories people have and what small variations in age can make.

I'm still liquid but all the cats are in, so the flap is shut for the night, and I'm going to see if I can get my contacts out. And if I can't, yay for disposable.

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