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Title: An Evening Visit
Author: Elayna
Pairing: Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr
Rating: NC-17
Category: First Time
Feedback: Always adored.
Summary: Erik visits Charles after the events of X-Men: First Class.
Note: Movie-verse only. I wrote most of this years ago, after the DVD had been released, realized it was probably the most common trope in X-Men fanfic, and dropped it. I finally blew off the dust and polished it this week. I apologize if it's a well-used plot, but I needed to indulge in this world.
Disclaimer: X-Men: First Class and all the other incarnations of X-Men do not belong to me and no infringement is intended.

Posted on AO3.
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Title: Hate On Me
By: [livejournal.com profile] elayna88
Pairing: William Schuester/Sue Sylvester
Rating: NC-17
Archive: my site, AO3
Category: First time
Summary: Hate sex. Really, that's all.
Word count: ~ 1,600
Notes: I have no idea where this came from. No idea. Other than the characters' interaction in canon is shrieking for it. I'm still watching first season of Glee, only up to "Bad Reputation," so I don't know if this fits with later episodes.
Disclaimer: Glee does not belong to me, and no infringement is intended.

Hate On Me )
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Title: Amok Time Rebooted
By: [profile] elayna88
Pairing: Kirk/Spock/Spock Prime
Rating: NC-17
Archive: my site, anywhere else please ask
Category: PWP
Feedback: Always adored.
Summary: Spock goes into pon farr.
Notes: My thanks to [personal profile] bant for the helpful betaing. I fussed until posting, so all mistakes are mine.
Disclaimer: Star Trek belongs to Paramount and Gene Roddenberry's estate.

Amok Time Rebooted )
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Title: When Sam Met Sam (and Dean)
By: Elayna (Elayna88@comcast.net)
Rating: PG for violence
Archive: my site
Category: crossover
Feedback: Always adored.
Summary: The Devil's bounty hunter meets the Winchester brothers.

Continuing to amuse myself... Part 1 was here

And this is the presumably only other part, part 2… for which [livejournal.com profile] epeeblade must take partial blame responsibility.

Sam meets Sam and Dean again )

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