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I attended the local Creation con on Sunday. I thought about going both days but finally nixed the Trek people on Saturday in favor of concentrating on Stargate Sunday. The con was surprisingly enjoyable. I've attended a lot of Creations, so I'm familiar with the general pattern and this one didn't deviate much from the norm. However, the guests were wonderful and the con wasn't so crowded that I felt claustrophobic all day, which made me very happy.

The con began with a Sam/Jack music video. I didn't recognize the song, but it sounded like Travis Tritt was singing, and the refrain was about 'this is my brain on love.' Rather funny to see all the different clips of Jack being goofy. He's so NOT a stiff military man.

Don S. Davis )

Next came the trivia contest, which was boring. I read on "The Two Towers." Another het music video was shown, this time to the song "It's Raining Men." Lots of clips of men rolling out of the Stargate, which has its own special appeal.

Michael Shanks )

The Creation auction came next. I bid on a few items but let myself be quickly outbid. And read more on "The Two Towers." I've reached Faramir's scenes and understand better why people were so upset about how his character was depicted in the movie. Except that I think he would have been a very dull character to watch, so completely understand why he was changed.

The last music video of the day aired next, a tribute to Voyager's doctor set to a song by Peter Gabriel. It was okay but not great.

Robert Picardo )

The one problem I had with all the Q&As is that people will not talk directly into the microphones when asking questions, making them hard to hear. I've seen some actors who will repeat the question, or answer in such full sentences that it's easy to decipher the question. None of these guys did, which was a little frustrating at times.

Last and least, Richard Arnold )

I picked up two new t-shirts, a gray "Captains of Trek" and an orange tie-dyed with dragons, and succumbed to ordering two Harry Potter posters, one for Philosopher's Stone and one for Prisoner of Azkaban, so the shopping was good. There was new Stargate merchandise, a calendar, camo-covered shot glasses and coffee cups, a board game, numerous pictures, and bobbleheads of the cast. I contemplated getting one of the bobbleheads for the amusement value but on looking at them closely… kinda scary. Besides, they seemed to have sold out of Jack bobbleheads, and I wouldn't want a Daniel without a Jack. ;-)

And that was Creation Sunday… and it was good.

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