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It was a strange day. A friend emailed in the morning. Last night, a fellow had been chased by the police, stopped on the freeway, jumped the divider, and ran across the other side, where my friend accidentally hit and killed him. Her car had been confiscated by the police to gather evidence, so she had to get a rental car.

I don't really have a theory of life, but sometimes it seems... random and malicious. Who expects to kill someone on the way home from the movies? And yet, I suppose statistically that kind of thing happens regularly.

Then of course, I checked the news throughout the day for updates on the Manchester bombing, which was definitely malicious but planned. My heart breaks for the families who lost loved ones. I don't understand how people can target strangers, especially young people.

I got pranked in the afternoon, the first time in my life. Came back to my cube and the 'control-alt-delete' words were upside down on the monitor. Logged in, with my password typing upside down and backwards, and everything stayed upside down. While I was waiting on the help line, I called over a co-worker to show her the weirdness, and she had heard this guy had done this to two other people, so she googled the fix before the help desk answered, and then we went to help the other woman in our aisle, whose monitor was showing everything sideways. I don't understand the point of the exercise. I was really worried I'd been hacked. Why cause stress for enjoyment? Though the other co-worker who got pranked responded with "I'm gonna get that guy back good!" so I suppose some people find it entertaining.

My sister called in the evening, to vent about work. My niece wanted to speak with me before my sister ended the call. She wanted to know if I was coming to dinner and after I said I wasn't, blew me a kiss to say goodbye. That was sweet and touching and the best part of the day.
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I've had a three day weekend, a very good though too hot weekend, though I did not do much fannish and I am not looking at my to do list, as I do not think the things I accomplished are on that list, but... It seemed like the tipping point weekend for New Cat, who stayed mostly inside but occasionally changed sleeping places, like he's checking out where he's comfortable and not just hunkering down in one place to see if he'll be accepted.
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Just finished the first episode of American Gods, which was excellently acted, unique, fabulous cinematography, etc. But I have to ask, maybe someone who has read the book can tell me, will there be any happiness? Will anything happen to any of the characters that wholeheartedly pleases them (and not in a really bitchy way that involves something like another person getting beat up)? And is it likely that every episode will have some moments of really disturbing gore?
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There was a DVD of Glee: Encores on the Escapade swap table, so I figured, what the heck, and picked it up, and put in a few bucks for ACLU, the con charity. I had enjoyed the show (until I didn't) but I still liked much of what they'd done with songs and performances.

I watched it recently, too tired to focus on something with plot. Only I'd forgotten about the guy who played Puck being arrested for child porn. His trial finally starts at the end of this month. Admittedly, he hasn't being convicted yet, innocent until then and all that, but... ew. Child porn revolts me.

And then, of course, Cory Monteith... I didn't follow the Glee actors as people, but the local paper had an interview with Cory when the show was at its peak, so I read about his overcoming his addiction, and he seemed so with-in and grateful for his success. And then clearly he got back into drugs, as he OD'd and died, so watching him look so young and enthusiastic... just very sad.

I knew both of those things had happened but somehow I was not ready for that combination. What are the odds of a horrible death and a felony arrest in the same cast? That DVD may go into the 'take to Escapade' bag.
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I was talking to a co-worker last week, a woman who had lost her husband to a combination of Alzheimers and cancer. I don't remember how Mom came up, but I talked about how she'd had a stroke on Mother's Day, another stroke a week and a half later, diagnosed with pneumonia on Memorial Day weekend, and died on D-Day, and I'd never known Mom had such a sense of timing. With a surprising amount of jokiness in my voice. I was quite astonished I managed that.

Now, of course, the sequence of events and memories from that month are fresh in my mind.

I had a hard time with Mother's Day last year. My sister brought it up a couple of times, and I didn't want to do anything, because it was the anniversary of the stroke that led to Mom's death, but my sister is the mother of young children, I could understand she wanted to celebrate. She finally pointed out that she shouldn't assume the rest of the family wanted to celebrate with her, and then somehow it was okay, and I said of course we must celebrate.

I have absolutely no memory of what we did. I didn't take pictures.

This morning, I woke up and was scrolling through Facebook, which was all Trump news or Mother's Day wishes, and I was so tired of both. At least Mother's Day will be over soon. And I was pleased to realize that both Visitor Cat and the First Cat who moved in from the Backyard were sleeping on the bed with me. So I guess Visitor Cat is New Cat now.

We had excellent waffles at Dad's this morning, sis opened presents, we all hung around visiting for a while, and then whacked at a pinata that my niece had fashioned out of an Amazon box. And now I'm home, and the rest of the day is gorgeous and mine, and I'm going to sit outside and read a book.

ETA: I'm sorry for the grumpy post for those of you who are mothers, or who are enjoying celebrating the day with your own moms. I hope it is a lovely day for you.
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Came home yesterday to discover that Visitor kitty had gotten comfortable with a new place... the dining table!

Visitor on table

And looking at him, I don't know when it happened, but his ear has been snipped. I had to check previous pictures to be sure I just hadn't noticed, but yes, his ear has been snipped. Assume this means other bits have been snipped too, which is perhaps why he has been more mellow and hanging around lately. Thank you whoever saved me the energy and money.
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Geoffrey Bayldon passed away yesterday. He was 93, which is a darn good age to have reached, and frankly, I didn't even know he was still alive.

That seems not uncommon this year, Mike Connors, Barbara Hale, Chuck Berry... good long lives.

But still... Geoffrey! I was shocked when I saw the news. I always liked him, just one of those British guys that popped up in many different roles. Makes me want to watch Doctor Who: Creature from the Pit again.
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Took the dogs back to Dad's around lunch. Skittish reappeared as soon as I was home, so she was watching from nearby. Visitor didn't show until dinner time, but then he spent the night inside and was eyeing my bedroom. He's thinking the bed looks nice. Dad got home around 4:00, so the dogs didn't have long alone.

Because I care more about the emotional health of our pets than 217 Republicans care about the physical health of 24 million Americans. This remains crazy to me.

Anyway, I watched Carefree last night, the 8th Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers film. Fred was a psychiatrist who agrees to see Ginger, who is the fiancee of a good friend. She keeps breaking their engagement, so clearly something is wrong with her mind. The depiction of how psychiatry works is bizarre. Fred anesthetizes Ginger, who does wacky, destructive things, so then later on, he thinks it's good to hypnotize her, so she does more wacky, destructive things. And she needs to have dreams for Fred to interpret, so eats strange foods, including lobster with a dollop of mayonnaise. Ugh, I don't even like to imagine such a waste of excellent food.

But they dance together and separately, so that is always gorgeous to watch.

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 this morning, which was fun. I want a baby Groot now, though do I need another knick-knack? Thank you to folks who pointed out that there are five separate scenes during the end credits. If you haven't see it, stay until the very end!
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Dad went to a show on restored and vintage motorcycles yesterday on the coast, so his chihuahuas stayed the night. They are adorable little dogs, if somewhat pushy. Tabby and Backyard are wary, but cognizant of the reality that they are bigger. Skittish vanished, she's good at hiding. Visitor has tried to come in a couple of times but gotten chased out. I'm hoping he'll be back as soon as they're gone.

Backyard ended up sleeping outside half the night, because I wasn't thinking of the cats when I let the dogs out for a last lawn visit. Backyard ran out and wouldn't come back in, but I woke up around 1:00 am and he was waiting. And Visitor tried but ran away again.

I feel kinda bad, that Skittish is tucked in a corner somewhere instead of a comfy chair, that Backyard was trapped outside for a couple of hours, that Visitor won't recognize he's bigger than those dogs too.

Then I remember that 217 politicians voted to axe health care from 24 million Americans. Only probably even more, because that was the score for the less harsh version of the bill. 217 politicians who are elected to represent and serve their fellow Americans and don't care if they can't see a doctor, get meds, etc.

I've poked around a bit on FB, and seen comments on how premiums were going up under the ACA, so the AHCA will be better. I have great employer-sponsored health care, so I honestly don't know. Perhaps they were; perhaps the ACA had major flaws. But how can anyone think that booting 24 million Americans off health care will actually fix the system? How does hurting so many seem like a good solution?

This country just seems crazy lately, so much douchery, so many actions and attitudes that I would have thought we all viewed as unacceptable, apparently peachy keen fine.

And here I am, scanning photos, and thinking I'll take the dogs back to Dad's house around noon, so my cats and Visitor can feel comfortable again, but the dogs won't have too long to wait, all by themselves. I don't want them to be lonely.
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My niece was saying 'Harry Potter' in different voices and wanting me to guess which character she was imitating. She did decently at imitation or I did decently at guessing. It was pretty adorable.

I remain surprised that she and the nephew love Harry Potter and Star Wars, because they were influenced by their friends into wanting to see the movies. I hadn't even thought about trying to get them into fandom yet.

My work had our second annual Star Wars Day today, May the Fourth be With You. There was a small costume competition at lunch time. Looking around the people watching, I was most amused by the 20ish guy wearing a Murder She Wrote t-shirt. Yep, seriously, complete with picture of Jessica Fletcher. That is not at all a show that I expected to be retro and cool with young men.
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I started watching Fargo and got half hour in before stopping. It seemed like stupid, self-centered people would make horrible decisions that will likely result in some messy deaths and nothing that makes me feel like Yay! Or happily rooting for anyone. I think some people have watched earlier seasons, can you confirm that's what this show is like?

I love Ewan but Young Adam made me accept that I don't need to watch everything he's in, not if I expect a miserable ending.
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I'm talking on the phone to a friend, and I have broken out in song twice, and she's still yammering on, 'cuz she is apparently completely unaware that I've broken out in song twice means that I am drunk.

Um... one of our friend's mother's has pneumothorax. I need to remember this tomorrow and follow up on whatever pneumothorax is, 'cuz I have no idea what she's just explained to me.
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It's a beautiful day, the first of the days where the house can stay open because the weather is perfect. I bought vegetables yesterday and planted them this morning, without them even sitting around for several days until I got worried that they would die in the pots. Five tomatoes, two cucumbers, two pumpkins, a watermelon, a zucchini, and cilantro.

I didn't plant very much last year because of the drought, and then I didn't water enough because of the drought, so nothing did very well, so that was pointless. My goal this year is better watering and lots of tasty vegetables.

This afternoon, with this gorgeous weather, I am at my computer scanning pictures. I had stopped at my friend's house, the hoarder, last week, and came home with a renewed determination to tackle the clutter in my guest bedroom, which ended up including three boxes of my brother's. Why, my brother? Why do I have your stuff? IDK. He didn't either. But there are many pictures and I shall scan what I want before I return them, which shall be soon.

A friend and I saw a live production of The Bodyguard last weekend. It was very enjoyable, except the guy wasn't Kevin Costner and the woman, though having a great voice, was simply not Whitney Houston. Whitney's voice was so amazing, I couldn't ignore the echo in my mind. I did have thoughts that a fanfic where one was a bodyguard for the other would be interesting, but nothing quite solidified.

Then went and spent several days at Gloriana's, and got a chance to visit with The Emu, Barbana, NakedBee, TrudyWest, and Antennaepedia. Visiting and chatting was excellent. We did see Free Fire, which I thought was atrocious and a waste of talent. And toured the gardens at Filoli, which is a historic house. Like me, the gardens loved that the drought has ended and looked spectacular. Good visit.
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Omg, it was Lori Petty. I knew it would come to me. I may not have seen her since Point Break.
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The nurse on H50 tonight... I know that raspy voice but the short cropped hair is throwing me off. Anyone know who she is?
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Someone brought up The Wayback Machine in a work meeting today, as a way to explore how the website for a specific government entity had changed. I was amused at people having to ask to have that name repeated and diligently writing it down. And also to learn that The Wayback Machine is used for things other than fanfic. I've only seen it referenced for tracking down deleted fanfic and had never realized it could be used for mundane research. I guess that falls into the "learn something new every day" category.
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Easter was a lovely holiday.

Visitor kitty lasted longer than I expected during the cleaning, even staying inside while I vacuumed the patio chairs. But when the scary vacuum came back in, he zipped out. He returned in the evening though and is sleeping inside many nights. The rug in the living room has become his new favorite place to sleep.

The family came for brunch on Easter, as well as my brother's girlfriend and two friends of mine. The twins did their little hunt, then we ate, and visited, all pretty mellow.

I had made a chocolate trifle for New Year's Day, so I made a lemon one for Easter. It was only two layers though, as the pudding and cream cheese and Cool Whip all folded in together, so we started calling it a bifle. I like how elegant the trifle looks, as a dessert for a holiday, but then once the scooping has started, it's a flipping mess. There should be some sort of lesson there.

The rain started a few minutes after everyone left, so that was good timing. The cats all reappeared as soon as the last visitor departed. I don't know where they go, but clearly they are close enough to track whether any of those scary strangers remain in the house.

I sprawled on the couch and watched Easter Parade in the afternoon, which I had seen before, but probably not for two decades. I wondered as it started, if it would be good for fanficcing. But Fred Astaire's character is in love with Anne Miller's, who is in love with Peter Lawford's, while Peter's is in love with Judy Garland's, who loves Fred's. So no. Good for a movie, but too much angsting over the wrong people for me to want to fanfic it.

Dad, sis, and the twins came over for leftovers for dinner, so that was nice and more visiting.

I fretted a lot, for no good reason. I need to try to not do that next year. I think of everything bad that could happen, which is very strange, as nothing significant ever has gone wrong on a holiday for me. My family tends to get along; holidays are usually pleasant. I need to keep that reality in mind.
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I'm trying to clean the house and pre-cook for Easter and I feel weirdly guilty because Visitor Cat is inside and lurking around. And if I'd just settle down and read a book all day, he'd find his new spot on the rug and sleep all day too. But I won't, so I'm unnerving him. And soon I will get out the dreaded vacuum cleaner and he'll probably hightail it outside. I'm sorry kitty! You still won't even stay all the time, you silly cat. I need to clean house.
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I saw the Power Rangers movie this morning, which was kinda goofy and exactly what it promised in the trailers and I enjoyed it very much. It made me want to write superpowers fanfic.

Today is gorgeous, I came home and spent an hour outside in the garden, my mind roaming, and it's kinda strange, but I realized I liked the Power Rangers movie more than La La Land, which won six Oscars. I saw La La Land in Downtown Disneyland, which also felt strange, really, have I flown 400 miles to sit in a darkened theater? But I'd done Downtown Disneyland, which is free, and didn't feel like spending money on a Disneyland pass for a couple of hours, so off to the movies I went. A musical, right? I love musicals.

spoilers )
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I complain about my incremental life, but then it's Sunday, and the weather is gorgeous, and the house is open for fresh air, and I know I'm going to do a little gardening and send a few emails, maybe make some soup, if I'm real energetic, I'll do Dad's taxes, and that'll be significant, but maybe I won't, maybe I'll just putter a bit instead... and then incremental is nice. I love relaxed Sundays.

I did start reading/editing the story I've had printed out for ages on my table yesterday, so hopefully I'll get back to that today. I like that story, even if there are a few places I haven't figured out what happens.

But one more thing on B&TB:

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