Date: 2011-09-12 12:06 am (UTC)
I recently was over at archive of our own,and downloaded many of your stories. Originally looking for the Miracles verse. Then I realised I'd previously read many of your stories before on wraitbait and was very glad I'd relocated so many stories I enjoyed so much. I'm glad to have them.

I have to tell you, It all started with the podfic of the woob ie verse. And I was putting it back om my IPhone to listen to again. Little did I expect for my husband to suddenly get quite ill, and be spending the majority of the last fewdays at the ER and then in his room at the hospital. When it was quiet, and he was sleeping, I would listen to thepodfic and it helped me to relax a bit, still be able to smile and pass time quietly. I was really too upset to b e able to read, but the time I spent listening to your story eased some of my anxiety by giving me a little escape from worry. I couldn't concentrate to read, but I could sit back and listen. Thank you for a lighthearted swweet story that helped me get through some very difficlt hours.
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