May. 23rd, 2017

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It was a strange day. A friend emailed in the morning. Last night, a fellow had been chased by the police, stopped on the freeway, jumped the divider, and ran across the other side, where my friend accidentally hit and killed him. Her car had been confiscated by the police to gather evidence, so she had to get a rental car.

I don't really have a theory of life, but sometimes it seems... random and malicious. Who expects to kill someone on the way home from the movies? And yet, I suppose statistically that kind of thing happens regularly.

Then of course, I checked the news throughout the day for updates on the Manchester bombing, which was definitely malicious but planned. My heart breaks for the families who lost loved ones. I don't understand how people can target strangers, especially young people.

I got pranked in the afternoon, the first time in my life. Came back to my cube and the 'control-alt-delete' words were upside down on the monitor. Logged in, with my password typing upside down and backwards, and everything stayed upside down. While I was waiting on the help line, I called over a co-worker to show her the weirdness, and she had heard this guy had done this to two other people, so she googled the fix before the help desk answered, and then we went to help the other woman in our aisle, whose monitor was showing everything sideways. I don't understand the point of the exercise. I was really worried I'd been hacked. Why cause stress for enjoyment? Though the other co-worker who got pranked responded with "I'm gonna get that guy back good!" so I suppose some people find it entertaining.

My sister called in the evening, to vent about work. My niece wanted to speak with me before my sister ended the call. She wanted to know if I was coming to dinner and after I said I wasn't, blew me a kiss to say goodbye. That was sweet and touching and the best part of the day.

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