May. 19th, 2017

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There was a DVD of Glee: Encores on the Escapade swap table, so I figured, what the heck, and picked it up, and put in a few bucks for ACLU, the con charity. I had enjoyed the show (until I didn't) but I still liked much of what they'd done with songs and performances.

I watched it recently, too tired to focus on something with plot. Only I'd forgotten about the guy who played Puck being arrested for child porn. His trial finally starts at the end of this month. Admittedly, he hasn't being convicted yet, innocent until then and all that, but... ew. Child porn revolts me.

And then, of course, Cory Monteith... I didn't follow the Glee actors as people, but the local paper had an interview with Cory when the show was at its peak, so I read about his overcoming his addiction, and he seemed so with-in and grateful for his success. And then clearly he got back into drugs, as he OD'd and died, so watching him look so young and enthusiastic... just very sad.

I knew both of those things had happened but somehow I was not ready for that combination. What are the odds of a horrible death and a felony arrest in the same cast? That DVD may go into the 'take to Escapade' bag.
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Just finished the first episode of American Gods, which was excellently acted, unique, fabulous cinematography, etc. But I have to ask, maybe someone who has read the book can tell me, will there be any happiness? Will anything happen to any of the characters that wholeheartedly pleases them (and not in a really bitchy way that involves something like another person getting beat up)? And is it likely that every episode will have some moments of really disturbing gore?

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