May. 14th, 2017

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I was talking to a co-worker last week, a woman who had lost her husband to a combination of Alzheimers and cancer. I don't remember how Mom came up, but I talked about how she'd had a stroke on Mother's Day, another stroke a week and a half later, diagnosed with pneumonia on Memorial Day weekend, and died on D-Day, and I'd never known Mom had such a sense of timing. With a surprising amount of jokiness in my voice. I was quite astonished I managed that.

Now, of course, the sequence of events and memories from that month are fresh in my mind.

I had a hard time with Mother's Day last year. My sister brought it up a couple of times, and I didn't want to do anything, because it was the anniversary of the stroke that led to Mom's death, but my sister is the mother of young children, I could understand she wanted to celebrate. She finally pointed out that she shouldn't assume the rest of the family wanted to celebrate with her, and then somehow it was okay, and I said of course we must celebrate.

I have absolutely no memory of what we did. I didn't take pictures.

This morning, I woke up and was scrolling through Facebook, which was all Trump news or Mother's Day wishes, and I was so tired of both. At least Mother's Day will be over soon. And I was pleased to realize that both Visitor Cat and the First Cat who moved in from the Backyard were sleeping on the bed with me. So I guess Visitor Cat is New Cat now.

We had excellent waffles at Dad's this morning, sis opened presents, we all hung around visiting for a while, and then whacked at a pinata that my niece had fashioned out of an Amazon box. And now I'm home, and the rest of the day is gorgeous and mine, and I'm going to sit outside and read a book.

ETA: I'm sorry for the grumpy post for those of you who are mothers, or who are enjoying celebrating the day with your own moms. I hope it is a lovely day for you.

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