May. 6th, 2017

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Dad went to a show on restored and vintage motorcycles yesterday on the coast, so his chihuahuas stayed the night. They are adorable little dogs, if somewhat pushy. Tabby and Backyard are wary, but cognizant of the reality that they are bigger. Skittish vanished, she's good at hiding. Visitor has tried to come in a couple of times but gotten chased out. I'm hoping he'll be back as soon as they're gone.

Backyard ended up sleeping outside half the night, because I wasn't thinking of the cats when I let the dogs out for a last lawn visit. Backyard ran out and wouldn't come back in, but I woke up around 1:00 am and he was waiting. And Visitor tried but ran away again.

I feel kinda bad, that Skittish is tucked in a corner somewhere instead of a comfy chair, that Backyard was trapped outside for a couple of hours, that Visitor won't recognize he's bigger than those dogs too.

Then I remember that 217 politicians voted to axe health care from 24 million Americans. Only probably even more, because that was the score for the less harsh version of the bill. 217 politicians who are elected to represent and serve their fellow Americans and don't care if they can't see a doctor, get meds, etc.

I've poked around a bit on FB, and seen comments on how premiums were going up under the ACA, so the AHCA will be better. I have great employer-sponsored health care, so I honestly don't know. Perhaps they were; perhaps the ACA had major flaws. But how can anyone think that booting 24 million Americans off health care will actually fix the system? How does hurting so many seem like a good solution?

This country just seems crazy lately, so much douchery, so many actions and attitudes that I would have thought we all viewed as unacceptable, apparently peachy keen fine.

And here I am, scanning photos, and thinking I'll take the dogs back to Dad's house around noon, so my cats and Visitor can feel comfortable again, but the dogs won't have too long to wait, all by themselves. I don't want them to be lonely.

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