May. 4th, 2017

elayna: (McShep So Close)
My niece was saying 'Harry Potter' in different voices and wanting me to guess which character she was imitating. She did decently at imitation or I did decently at guessing. It was pretty adorable.

I remain surprised that she and the nephew love Harry Potter and Star Wars, because they were influenced by their friends into wanting to see the movies. I hadn't even thought about trying to get them into fandom yet.

My work had our second annual Star Wars Day today, May the Fourth be With You. There was a small costume competition at lunch time. Looking around the people watching, I was most amused by the 20ish guy wearing a Murder She Wrote t-shirt. Yep, seriously, complete with picture of Jessica Fletcher. That is not at all a show that I expected to be retro and cool with young men.

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