Apr. 29th, 2017

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It's a beautiful day, the first of the days where the house can stay open because the weather is perfect. I bought vegetables yesterday and planted them this morning, without them even sitting around for several days until I got worried that they would die in the pots. Five tomatoes, two cucumbers, two pumpkins, a watermelon, a zucchini, and cilantro.

I didn't plant very much last year because of the drought, and then I didn't water enough because of the drought, so nothing did very well, so that was pointless. My goal this year is better watering and lots of tasty vegetables.

This afternoon, with this gorgeous weather, I am at my computer scanning pictures. I had stopped at my friend's house, the hoarder, last week, and came home with a renewed determination to tackle the clutter in my guest bedroom, which ended up including three boxes of my brother's. Why, my brother? Why do I have your stuff? IDK. He didn't either. But there are many pictures and I shall scan what I want before I return them, which shall be soon.

A friend and I saw a live production of The Bodyguard last weekend. It was very enjoyable, except the guy wasn't Kevin Costner and the woman, though having a great voice, was simply not Whitney Houston. Whitney's voice was so amazing, I couldn't ignore the echo in my mind. I did have thoughts that a fanfic where one was a bodyguard for the other would be interesting, but nothing quite solidified.

Then went and spent several days at Gloriana's, and got a chance to visit with The Emu, Barbana, NakedBee, TrudyWest, and Antennaepedia. Visiting and chatting was excellent. We did see Free Fire, which I thought was atrocious and a waste of talent. And toured the gardens at Filoli, which is a historic house. Like me, the gardens loved that the drought has ended and looked spectacular. Good visit.
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I'm talking on the phone to a friend, and I have broken out in song twice, and she's still yammering on, 'cuz she is apparently completely unaware that I've broken out in song twice means that I am drunk.

Um... one of our friend's mother's has pneumothorax. I need to remember this tomorrow and follow up on whatever pneumothorax is, 'cuz I have no idea what she's just explained to me.

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