Apr. 18th, 2017

elayna: (McShep So Close)
Easter was a lovely holiday.

Visitor kitty lasted longer than I expected during the cleaning, even staying inside while I vacuumed the patio chairs. But when the scary vacuum came back in, he zipped out. He returned in the evening though and is sleeping inside many nights. The rug in the living room has become his new favorite place to sleep.

The family came for brunch on Easter, as well as my brother's girlfriend and two friends of mine. The twins did their little hunt, then we ate, and visited, all pretty mellow.

I had made a chocolate trifle for New Year's Day, so I made a lemon one for Easter. It was only two layers though, as the pudding and cream cheese and Cool Whip all folded in together, so we started calling it a bifle. I like how elegant the trifle looks, as a dessert for a holiday, but then once the scooping has started, it's a flipping mess. There should be some sort of lesson there.

The rain started a few minutes after everyone left, so that was good timing. The cats all reappeared as soon as the last visitor departed. I don't know where they go, but clearly they are close enough to track whether any of those scary strangers remain in the house.

I sprawled on the couch and watched Easter Parade in the afternoon, which I had seen before, but probably not for two decades. I wondered as it started, if it would be good for fanficcing. But Fred Astaire's character is in love with Anne Miller's, who is in love with Peter Lawford's, while Peter's is in love with Judy Garland's, who loves Fred's. So no. Good for a movie, but too much angsting over the wrong people for me to want to fanfic it.

Dad, sis, and the twins came over for leftovers for dinner, so that was nice and more visiting.

I fretted a lot, for no good reason. I need to try to not do that next year. I think of everything bad that could happen, which is very strange, as nothing significant ever has gone wrong on a holiday for me. My family tends to get along; holidays are usually pleasant. I need to keep that reality in mind.

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