Mar. 31st, 2017

elayna: (Ewan)
Happy Cesar Chavez Day! Wow, it seems even more important to celebrate unionism and fighting for the working class these days. Not that I am doing anything productive in that respect today, just ran errands this morning and am now listening to the piano tuner plunk away at Grandma's piano. I guess that is supporting a small independent businessman.

Does anyone make a good breakfast casserole that doesn't involve a layer of carbs as the base? Easter will be brunch this year, and I need to start getting organized. I like serving breakfast casseroles for the make-ahead factor, but several folks should keep their carbs low.

I'm stuck for anything exciting to say. Feeling generally better again, after two colds this year. The sun is shining but the wind is chilly, so no gardening today. I fell back into reading too much Facebook and getting too stressed over the current state of our political system and am trying to get back into reading my WIPs. Reading and thinking about them is beginning to work, but not so much on the writing yet.

If I'm going to respect Grandma enough to keep her piano tuned, I really need to learn to play it. This off-key plunking for something I haven't used is annoying and distracting.

I feel lately like everything is incremental. I'm keeping going, but not achieving anything of significance. I do things and cross them off the list and add on more. Catch up on these things and oh look, I'm behind on these other things. I suppose that's not an uncommon feeling but just feeling frustrated I can't break out of it. Either do something significant or be more content with what I achieve.

It sounds like piano guy is wrapping up, yay! That's off the list for six months.

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