Mar. 11th, 2017

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It's Saturday night at Escapade and I'm both buzzed from too much free alcohol and exhausted from a cold. I'm blowing off the vid show, too tired to enjoy it.

Came down Monday to Orange County. Spent Monday afternoon at Downtown Disneyland, satisfying my looking/shopping gene but not actually buying. Spent Tuesday in Disneyland and Wednesday in Discover California with combinations of Commodore Marie, Barbana, Brak, and Saklani. Still love Haunted Mansion and the Indiana Jones ride, was sorry that Pirates was closed. I like Disneyland better than DCA. Disneyland has more middle road rides and DCA is more, yes, your motion sickness will hate you or kiddie rides.

Threw up from overheating and erratic eating on Wednesday and contemplated a series of fics called Crying At Denny's, different reasons why one half of an OTP would be in that state.

No mostly contemplated a fic where Quinn would be a super-concierge type at Disney, handling the special cases, and Ben would be the brother of a woman whose child was visiting Disney due to Make-A-Wish. Ben tagged along to mostly help out with his older two nephews when his sister needed to focus on the youngest. There was a Wish family on the airplane who stayed as we all left, and the hostess announced it as we were beginning to deplane, so we could give them well wishes, so it was on my mind. But sad, it would have to be a melancholy fic.

Autocorrect was determined the word was either fics or fica, not fic, F U autocorrect.

Escapade has been good, though tempered by my approaching cold. Interesting panels, even a few in which I talked. Free breakfast and free happy hour booze have helped alleviate the ridiculous priciness of Disneyland meals. I have no idea how a family affords it.

I have the rest of my last drink and chamomile tea and quiet. Think I will try to last until 9:00 before bed.

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