Feb. 25th, 2017

elayna: by casset (McKay the man the myth)
Took a walk yesterday because the weather is so lovely. Swung by the park and was pleased to see that the beach is slowly reappearing from the river. It's been strange, coping with the storms and the possibility of losing electricity and thinking about things like 'do I want to park my car in the garage in case I can't get it out?" And oh yeah, we've been in a drought for five years, that's why this seems so strange. Drought = no major storms = no trees down = no power outages.

Had breakfast with some friends who were asking about my upcoming trip to Disneyland, and I admitted I hadn't planned on going so soon again (went 2-3 years ago) but since Disney bought Star Wars, I was interested in seeing the changes. And believe it or not, a friend said, "Disney bought Star Wars?" Proving that my friends as well as my siblings live under non-fannish rocks.

I posted a ficlet but I also split the Die Hard thoughts from my bunny file, so my WIP folder remains at 104. I didn't do much in February, being between sick one whole week and just feeling blase and unmotivated for a long time afterwards. I need to punch it up a bit. My nose is still running a bit but otherwise I'm finally feeling pretty good.

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