Feb. 18th, 2017

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I took a walk last Sunday down to the park, then up the levee, intending to look at the beach. The power of the water is quite amazing, isn't it? Because standing at the top of the levee, and looking down, and... there was no beach. There were some bushes, trees, and signs poking halfway out of the river. No beach.

I walked home along the top of the levee, catching pokemon and looking at the swollen river. It's nowhere near as bad as 1986, so there's no actual flooding concerns in this area. Only part of the walkway at the bottom of the levee is flooded, and the water hasn't started coming up the levee.

At one place, a man and woman were sitting in lawn chairs on the grassy area between the walkway and the river. The fellow was facing the river and looked to have a fishing pole. The woman was sitting sideways to the man, this weird little domestic relaxation on a Sunday afternoon, appreciating the sunny weather and the unusual view. And maybe the guy would catch a fish in the flooded river, but that seemed a little dubious.

Of course, I could only think of Jack and Daniel. Because they'd finally declassified the Stargate project, one motivating reason being the catastrophes caused by climate change and the feeling on the part of the Stargate brass that what was the point of saving the planet from aliens if they didn't use the spaceships and transporter technology to save earth citizens in the path of a disaster? It had been a hard few days, because people had to be herded to transport sites, some of them needing to be badgered into going, others willing to go but needing to get one more thing and why does everyone insist on giving Jack the leash of their barking dogs?

But the immediate work is done, the sun has come out, and the waters are slowing receding. Soon all the reverse transportation will have to happen, but it's not safe yet. Jack needs a break, damnit, and Daniel grabs his tablet with all of the archaeologists' reports from Atlantis. They sit and relax and occasionally make a little conversation but mostly appreciate the peace and quiet and being together.

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