Feb. 6th, 2017

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I'm sick, been sick all weekend. It hasn't been too bad, I was still managing to watch new shows on Saturday and Sunday, but today I'm on H5-0 fourth season reruns. On the first episode with Gerard Hirsch, and someone says that he's pervy and Steve immediately looks at Kono. So now I want fic where some other agency comes to H5-0 for help, because they need to have an undercover person seduce a bad guy and Steve is sure, and looks at Kono, and the other agent is *cough**cough* It's a gay bad guy, we were thinking of you, Commander. Steve would do it, of course, he's too dedicated to balk. Would it be an au where Danny is the bad guy? Or relatively canon, where Steve realizes how much he's been repressing and jumps Danny when it's over? Or maybe Danny decides they should do some practice snogging so that Steve doesn't come across as uncomfortable with the suspect and that leads to great revelations?

Seriously, it's 2017, someone other than Kono should be the undercover sex bomb, I nominate Steve.

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