Jan. 23rd, 2017

elayna: (Die Hard John-Matt)
Something I meant to mention about the show we saw Saturday... they ended with "Old Time Rock'n'Roll," which was very appropriate for the sentiment, though wrong for the decade (a 70s song instead of 50s and 60s like the rest).

But then I was walking out and thinking of Bob Seger. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. And why the Silver Bullet Band? How did that name come about? What is killed with silver bullets? Werewolves.

Then I decided Bob Seger was secretly a hunter, and subtly used the name of his band as a signal to connect with other hunters, as he and his band traveled the country, singing rock'n'roll and killing evil monsters. In fact, when he became less popular, it would be even better for his hunting business, as he'd be playing smaller cities, the type of obscure places where monsters were more likely to hide.

It gave a whole new meaning to songs like "Lock and Load" and "16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six."


Not that I know anything about Bob Seger or like RPF, but a grizzled rock'n'roller with a double life (and a double barrel shotgun) amused me.

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