Jan. 22nd, 2017


Jan. 22nd, 2017 09:40 am
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Thankfully, my power came on around 4:00 in the morning. I couldn't figure out why it sounded like someone was talking close to the house, but just rolled over and went back to sleep. When my alarm went off, I finally woke up enough to realize that the lights and the TV in the living room had been on for two hours. Oops. But last time the power was off for three days, so one evening/most of one night was a relief.

My house still smells like evergreen tree from the branches I burned.


Work email appeared to be up for me on Thursday, so I responded to several emails. Several hours later I got 'delivery delayed' messages on all of them. Same thing happened on Friday. It was a good week for having to leave early on three days (two medical, one fun thing) because losing the most important part of your infrastructure is excruciating.


The Boy Scouts had their Pinewood Derby on Saturday. I was watching my niece stand at the ribbon, watching the cars race down the track. She hadn't put product in her hair, so her mohawk was all fluffy on top instead of spiky, and her rat tail was, well, ratty, and she was wearing those baggy shorts like basketball players. (And a t-shirt, and it was cold, those kids are unnatural in their warmth.) She is strong and determined and knows what she wants.

And I thought of my 66-year-old friend who had tried to get into OSHA after college. They rejected her first application, saying she needed more education. She took more classes and applied again. They rejected her second, saying she needed more experience. She did an internship and applied again. They rejected her third, saying that she didn't meet the height requirement. She gave up, accepting they weren't going to accept a girl, because she knew less-qualified men being accepted.

Every time I show that friend pictures of my niece and nephew, she gets almost *indignant* and tells me my sister should get my nephew's hair cut (it's seriously Beatles-length) and let my niece's grow, because his is too long for a boy and hers is too short for a girl. I want to try to remember to give her a blank look and say, "And short women shouldn't be in OSHA. You're so right. We should stay in our boxes."

It just feels really frustrating, how far we have to go in our thinking, even people who you think should be farther along in making connections.


But fannish! My happy place. I ended up watching the first few minutes of Drunk History with Lin-Manuel Miranda talking about Alexander Hamilton, and how Hamilton ended up working as an aide for Washington, even though he wanted to fight. Washington insisted he stay with him, that he would be in the midst of the action, that was a good place for him, but finally let him go fight at the battle of Yorktown, where Hamilton was ferocious. Oh... slashy. That would be Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, who I've written as Jedi but never actively in battle. An AU, where Qui-Gon loves his aide and doesn't want him hurt, though he knows that Obi-Wan would be an excellent fighter. It would have to be an AU because canon Qui-Gon should trust in the Force and let him go, but an AU Qui could be more protective.

Age-wise, John and Matt would work for a scenario too, but I can't get see Matt as being an eager beaver to fight. Maybe an express rider, taking dispatches to the front, and John's heart would clench with worry every time Matt swung onto his horse Warlock...


We saw Under the Streetlamp, a group that formed out of guys in Jersey Boys, and sings early rock'n'roll. Good show, though I find my inability to fanfic a quartet frustrating. More of the actors from my favorite shows need to do singing roles. But I discussed reading and books with my brother's girlfriend! Potter! Rice! E-Reading vs. hard copy! I think she's a keeper.


Anyway, it is Sunday and beautiful. They're predicting rain in the afternoon, which I hope comes. I should hunker on my computer most of the day, catching up on feedback and comments, but trimming the roses will call me if the sun stays out.

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