Jan. 18th, 2017

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No work email today.

No power at home tonight.

Modern life is messing with me. Doesn't it know the Dark Ages aren't supposed to return until Friday?

I'm trying to decide if starting a fire means the power will come on as soon as it's going well?

I'll be offline now until it comes back.
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Heading to bed, still no power.

I did well enough with the fire and candles that I was able to sit at the table and hand write 8 pages on The Prequel. A talky scene, but I can add more description when I type it up.

Petite Tabby sat on my paper for a while and in the candlelight, her eyes looked black. Demon Kitty! *cackles*

Anyway, crossing my fingers power comes on during the night, because trying to get the car out of the garage by hand is a pain. And the house will be reallly cold.

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