Jan. 16th, 2017

elayna: (Sheppard shirtless)
It's strange how similar things can seem so different. I've had a four-day weekend and had been thinking about going out to the movies, because there are movies I'd like to see, and well, it would be getting out and doing something interesting, right? Something to talk about at work on Tuesday.

Friday was beautiful, so sunny, but I was feeling restless and couldn't figure out what to do. Finally finished my book but had been thinking about watching a movie, but no! I couldn't sit on my couch and watch one of the many movies I have saved on my DVR and want to see because that would just be sluggish and couch potato-y.

Why is going out to the movies so different (so much better) than watching something at home?

So today I curled up and watched the second and third shows of the current Sherlock season. Then was sorta sorry I hadn't gone out to a movie because... well, I'll skip spoilers, but let us say that if a fifth season does happen, I doubt that I'll watch it.

It has been a relaxed four days, little shopping, little garden, some email, posted two Miracles ficlets. I'm down to 104 files on my WIPs folders, though this weekend's postings didn't decrease that number, as those ficlets are all in one file. I have been writing some lately on the revamp of The Prequel, so that may be my next finished fic. The original is around 1600 words and the revamp is up to 8778, so it seems to be going well. I'm having a tiny struggle in where to finish though, so we shall see. Somehow 'and then they had sex and fell asleep' doesn't seem quite right.

Skittish kitty now thinks he should stand in front of the monitor and be petted.

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