Jan. 15th, 2017

elayna: by casset (McKay the man the myth)
Dad and I had dinner last night at the Hof Brau. We got our prime rib dinners and went looking for seats, as it is a 'sit-yourself' place. I noticed a young man, seated by himself in a booth for six. I thought it was strange that someone would pick such a large booth to eat alone. Something in the way he hunched over, eating really hungrily, made me think of Rodney McKay.

So Rodney would be seated by himself because he'd be waiting for someone, and he wouldn't wait for the others to arrive, because he'd be hungry and his blood sugar was low. He'd be waiting for John, of course. Would he know John or would this be a first meeting? Would he expect John to be alone? He wouldn't know for sure, that's why he choose a large booth.

Dad and I got seated and I could see two guys in the booth behind Dad, a guy in his 30s and another in his 50s. They'd finished eating and were just sitting there, looking ahead. They weren't even drinking beer. 'Cuz clearly, they were Rodney's protection detail, sitting a discreet distance away. Did Rodney know they were there? Yeah, Rodney was counting on them. The older guy talked on his cell phone for a while, just ignoring the younger guy, which I thought was rude, then got off the phone and they both went back to staring. Protection guys get used to being bored.

Dad and I talked a bit and I realized at some point all three guys had gone. I missed Rodney's meeting with John! Or maybe John hadn't shown and Rodney gave up on him? He hadn't actually eaten early, he'd waited a while, though letting his security guys go ahead, and then got too hungry to wait any longer.

I mentioned to Dad the two guys just staring without even drinking and Dad prosaically pointed out they were probably watching the football on the TV behind me. No! I'm sure they were Rodney's protectors.

Anyway, it was entertaining. And great prime rib.

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