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I did have a nice rest of my birthday, just dinner at Dad's, and then hanging around in the backyard, visiting and watching the hummingbirds. I had said I needed garden decorations, so my BIL and my niece and nephew made me some rock creatures.

See the one, second from the right, that has a bump in the middle? That's a leech. My niece thinks leeches are cool, one of her rock creatures needed a leech buddy. She tries to take earwigs home. I'm always, you go right ahead, honey, but my sister convinces her that the earwig doesn't want to leave its family. She's an interesting kid.

I further contemplated the idea of co-respondents and wrote a 3500 word fic this week. It didn't go at all as I had been contemplating, but it was fun. Two in like... 2 1/2 weeks. I feel on a roll.

Anyway, I dithered until last Thursday, then finally asked for today off, so yay for a four-day weekend. I need to get a few things this morning before temperature gets up to only a high of 92, yay!
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