Jun. 21st, 2017 09:18 pm
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I rewatched Jurassic World on Sunday afternoon, part of my ongoing 'it's too hot outside to do anything, I don't care I have the AC cranked inside.' I enjoyed it again, though I still think the first was the best. I had thoughts of picturing my OTPs in hunter-type clothing (yum!) but no real bunnies.

I finally watched the last two episodes of Supernatural. I'd been putting them off, partially because I expected Mary Winchester to be killed, and remain surprised that she wasn't. Seemingly, every character not named Winchester was. My gosh, that show is such an angsty blood bath. Though whether any of them will remain dead is up for debate, as it is Supernatural and death is rarely permanent.

I also was dawdling on finishing because I just haven't liked the depiction of the British Men of Letters. I suppose I watched two much PBS as a child, I like British things and had difficulty accepting them as unrepentant murderous douchebags. It takes time and energy to kill a whole bunch of people, and I never bought into 'just 'cuz' or power or control or whatever motivation.

Though I also was not impressed that the American hunters slam up to the front door, with no subtlety, and start killing people and the Brits put up such a mediocre struggle. It reminded me of the old joke, "Storm troopers and Red Shirts walk into a bar. Storm troopers fire and miss every shot. The Red Shirts die anyway."

I did enjoy most of it, Dean's enthusiasm for blowing their way out of bunker, Dean putting dealing with Mary first, Sam being a leader, seeing Jodie again, seeing Bobby Singer again (though why wasn't he at the final fight with Lucifer? does 'here's my gun, I'll be over the next hill' make sense?), Crowley being Crowley, etc. But I may be ready to fade out of watching, I'm getting tired of all the death. I'll see how I feel when the next season starts.

I gave my 90th pint of blood today at the mobile drive at work. I appreciate being able to donate and feel good about it, but I gotta admit, weird things were annoying me, especially having to confirm my name and birthday over and over again. It's one big room, do you think someone snuck in and took my place? Are you concerned I'm getting senile? Why the same questions over and over?

There was another article on the heat in the newspaper. One of the record-setting days was back in 1925, it mentioned, before the invention of air conditioning, when people used to sleep in screened-in porches and on sheets that were cold from being kept in the ice box. I'm weirdly captivated by this notion, cold sheets fresh out of the ice box. It makes me want to write a historical AU, but one item is not a bunny.

The cats have been inside early the last few nights, and not made me track down any of them. I think they like sleeping in the AC. I wonder if they'd like chilled sheets.

Date: 2017-06-22 05:02 am (UTC)
nic: (SPN)
From: [personal profile] nic
But I may be ready to fade out of watching, I'm getting tired of all the death.

This is me as well. I started the most recent season but just can't muster the (emotional) energy to watch it.

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