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For the first time I ever recall, I am contemplating sleeping with the AC on. I don't do this, because the Delta breeze comes up every night and the temperature drops.

But we're in three days of record-breaking temperature, according to the paper. I can survive until Tuesday, I thought, beginning to read the article. Tuesday is going to be 108, which is hotter than today (103) or Sunday or Monday (both 107), but June 20 has been 108 before. It's not a record.

Oh, glad we got that straight.

Yes, sleeping with the AC on is looking good.

I was going to catch up on email and DW/LJ comments this afternoon, but ended up watching a WWII movie called The Devil's Brigade, about the First Special Services Force, a joint American-Canadian unit that was dropped behind enemy lines in Italy. A friend's father was in the unit, and now I shall have to tease him, because the Americans are presented as the dregs of the army. I do enjoy the slashiness of a large group of men bonding, though no tangible bunnies hopped out.

Date: 2017-06-18 03:25 pm (UTC)
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I lived in Phoenix all my life until Quasar popped in to it. She never appreciated the value of ceiling fans until last night. I'd say it got up to almost 90 yesterday here at the top of the mountain and she actually cleaned off the fan in the bedroom and turned it on, all by herself.

Our version of air conditioning is to open the window in the master bath and turn on a box fan in the utility area part of the kitchen, drawing cool night air through the house. We'll do that most of the night. It's generally good enough to keep the house in the low 80s throughout the day.

Date: 2017-06-19 01:32 am (UTC)
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I remember a guy across the street moved to San Jose in the early/mid '80s  for some job or another and absolutely hated it: it didn't get too hot, maybe occasionally in to the 90s, but they didn't believe in air conditioning in that area back then, and that was before the ceiling fan craze swept the country and became a norm.  He was happy to move back to Phoenix: it might have been hotter, but at least we had A/C.

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