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I stopped by Starbucks today for a mocha. I try to keep it a weekly treat. I ended up in line behind a woman who could have used some caffeine before she tried to order. "Um...oh...I want a grande. Latte. With... um two shots..." etc. I was very concise, tall, mocha, hot.

Hers got made in a cup, I didn't even know they had cups that small. Maybe it was the kid's hot chocolate size. So it had to be remade, and then mine came out, extra hot. I did not say extra hot, and I did not want extra hot, because I wanted to drink it on the way to work, but I didn't want to deal with getting an ice cube added, so moseyed on.

And I thought... I can't start my day grumpy because my overpriced coffee drink order is messed up. That's ridiculous. So what can I do with this? Clearly, it's not just that the barista needs hearing aids. No, it's something else. It's ... a barista AU! Because Rodney McKay is actually an excellent barista. He's on a full scholarship, earning his Ph.d., but even full scholarships don't cover all the incidentals. He loves coffee, so it's the perfect job for him. He is detail-oriented and customers love the artistic flourishes he makes in the foam.

Only there's a guy with a gun in the back room, holding one of Rodney's co-workers hostage, and Rodney doesn't know what to do. Only he does know that the cop in his shiny blue uniform will be coming in soon for his morning venti bold coffee. Rodney figures that if he's making mistakes, the cop will realize something is off. There does seem to be a brain under that spiky nonsense that masquerades as hair. Will the guy pay enough attention? Or will he give him a quizzical look with an arched eyebrow and mosey off?
Does Rodney dare writing an SOS on the cup? Is there a cultural reference about kidnapping that he can make, maybe something geek-oriented that the hostage taker wouldn't overhear and understand?

Think, Rodney, think! You're a genius!


I've never actually thought about a barista AU before, but that kept me amused on the drive.
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